Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Colour Wars

Really cool easy art project! This picture is made out of crayons! I painted over a already exsisting print I had of Audrey Hepburn with about 6 coats of white acrylic paint (although just buying  a new canvas would work too...) Then I hot glue gunned the pretty colours from two 96 packs of crayons and arranged them by colour at the top. Make sure you use hot compress glue or else it will melt in the heat. Then its pretty simple, heat the crayons and let them melt. Due to the fact I decided to start mine in the begining of fall, it isnt exactly as neat as i planned it but that can be fixed by putting your work in a car on a hot day to soften the wax! That way you won't need to use the hair dryer as much meaning it won't be as much of an explosion! If, like me, you do this project in a cold enviroment you'll need to help the wax down a lot with the hair dryer....I would definitley soften my wax before hand if I were to do this again.

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